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22 Aug 2019
Big Construction – What if You Could?

Big Construction – What if You Could? 



  • Industry relevence
  • Usability
  • Real-time risk analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Mobile app available
  • Due diligence through live industrial trials


  • Website on its way
Relevance and appeal

Final Verdict

The go-to command interface for Oracle Primavera P6 users. Recently undergone live testing in USA and Canada during 2017-2018. To date (July 2019) Minitro has monitored over $1.3 billion construction dollars with impressive results.

As a construction project grows, so does complexity and risk. If left unchecked, risk gets expensive, often threatening the slim margins within the world of big construction.

A speedy response to a schedule impact is key to minimising your risk, but big construction has a problem; it’s impossible to monitor progress in real-time without an army of people to maintain accurate data. The job of compiling progress data from multiple, disparate formats, rendering them into meaningful progress reports, then getting them onto your desk eats away precious time.

If you could get accurate, customised, up-to-the-minute progress reports you could eliminate this risk. So what if you could reduce the time taken to record progress AND get the the results back to you down to ZERO?

Can’t be done? What if it could? And what if it could be done with only a handful of people not a big-ticket army?

A new and groundbreaking technology called Minotro offers you an elegant solution. Minotro is unique, value-rich and answers the real questions:

It enables your on-site guys to monitor, record and update data in real-time from their mobile and deliver custom built progress reports to you in seconds.

And, you can do this with a lean crew not an army.

Deploying Minotro means you get the risk management info you need RIGHT NOW to minimize downtime, waste, unplanned expense and bring cash flow back on track.

There’s more info and discussion about Minotro from our hosted web link

Download this brochure for a more detailed overview which explores the commercial and logistical benefits of Minotro for leaders of big construction.

If you want to see Minotro in action for yourself, start the ball rolling here. The founder and CEO of Minotro, Paul Smith, is more than happy to engage with you in a one-on-one, 15 minute Skype session so why not get in touch?

After all, what have you got to loose?



Big Construction - What if You Could?

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