• Previously published by Tangent Books
  • In depth research of Bristol history
  • Enthralling interlaced story lines across all four mysteries
  • Beautiful photographic illustration


  • Awaiting republishing for Amazon Kindle and Paperback edition
Relevance and appeal

Sunday 31st October 1976 Windsor Terrace, Clifton, Bristol

“One of the most magnificent and dramatic Georgian terraces in Bristol, Windsor Terrace stands high above the tidal River Avon and commands spectacular views of the harbour, the Cumberland Basin and the Mendips in the far distance. And beneath that high terrace is a great complex of layer upon layer of vaults and cellars secreted deep within the gorge. It is a labyrinth of dark winding tunnels and caves.”

“To the rear of Windsor Terrace, the elevation is so high that the view to the Clifton Suspension Bridge is unimpeded. Inside the first floor flat fifteen foot high ceilings decorated with colourful frescoes and large Georgian sash windows convey the very feel of a bygone age. Solid framed oak-panelled doors and an Adam fireplace complete the Regency picture.”

“There was always something strange about the flat at Windsor Terrace. Something cold and inexplicable, an intangible presence existed. Everybody said so and almost everybody felt it. There were few people who could spend an evening there a loan without skulking around from room to room, unable to settle. The unwitting ones who accidentally did so always admitted later to an eerie and uncomfortable experience.”

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