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From heritage novel to e-publishing success in one service

Final Verdict

Most e-publishing services start with an editable book version e.g. MS Word, and promote the work as an eBook on e-publishing sites e.g. Amazon KDP. Although Tradshack Digital Media offers these services the range is more comprehensive, winding the process back further to heritage novels in print to key promotional and sales technologies after submitting to the e-publishing platform.

Looking to edit update or edit the content of a printed novel? Maybe you’re a writer who published a novel before the digital age and only have printed version as your archive copy? There are many available solutions to this, depending on how far you want to take the digitising process but not all commercially available options make it clear how far they go.

If you have a recent work that was created on a word processor, submitting to e-publishing is a reasonably simple process. The problem comes when there is no digital copy available, as with a legacy novel that was created only in print, usually prior to the advent of the digital technology we now take for granted. The Tradshack Digital Media offering is set up to deal with this conundrum. Here’s a summary:

Part 1 – From printed pages to proofread digital copy

  1. Scan (raw image)
  2. Digitise (trim)
  3. Transpose (Optical Character Recognition – OCR)
  4. Edit (spell check, grammatise)
  5. Proofread (flow, compare)

Part 2 – From conversion and re-formatting to promotion and sales

  1. Convert (ebook, paperback)
  2. Publish (artwork, design, production)
  3. Promote (video, website, advertise)
  4. Getting Sales

For more detail on the complete process, from digitising to online publishing, go to our digitalMedia section for more enlightenment.